Team building trainings are an ideal way to increase the productivity and motivation of your team. The EBBE COMMS agency has been organizing team building trainings for companies and their teams for many years, which are based on the concept of synergy of fun learning and gaining unforgettable experiences.

We will prepare the best schedule of activities for you, take care of your accommodation, all logistical items and in an environment you will not forget, entertain you with workshops through which you will learn about communication skills, conflict management, leadership skills, and other “soft skills”.

Maybe you want to do yoga in the forest, have cooking and pottery classes together, or on rafts on the lake to play intellectual games to improve communication skills.

On the water, in the forest, in the conference hall. Your job is to show up, and our team will welcome you and give you an unforgettable team building.

We will fully adapt the training to your interests and budget.

The EBBE COMMS agency has extensive experience in organizing various events, both corporate, promotional and educational content, as well as team building training, for which the agency has been recognized for many years.

We will make your team building timeless with professional photos and video.

Challenges of communication and sports skills

Strengthen the connection and efficiency of your team with intellectual games and physical challenges

The training is conducted by Josipa Anđelić, Master of Sport and Physical Education, and Master of Business Communication and PhDc Ema Alagić. 

The training is a synergy of interactive intellectual games for improving communication skills and physical activity incorporated as “challenges” when mastering certain communication skills.

Training is fun and educational.

The complete program is delivered at the client’s request.