Sales skills training

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What can you expect from the training?

  • Your team will improve their communication skills in terms of active listening, assertiveness, dialogue techniques and nonverbal communication.

  • Your team will learn how to sell proactively and create a bond with your customers 

  • This training will bond your team and improve their motivation at work 

  • Your team will learn how to CLOSE A DEAL AND CREATE A PROFIT FOR YOUR COMPANY and begin to like the sales hype

  • The training is fully interactive and participants get to see the practicality of the communication skills improvement

  • Improving communication skills improves relationships at work and life in general 

Structure of the training

  1. Before the training in person, the trainer sends a questionnaire to get to know the company better

  2. The training lasts for 4 to 5 hours (depending on the number of people)

  3. The participants get to practice every day for two weeks the techniques and complete a short form every day

  4. We meet again for the feedback session one hour where we follow on the improvement within participants


  • The training can be organized in person in your company meeting room or in a hotel conference room

  • The training can be organized online 

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