• Trainer and lecturer in Communication Skills in Sales, Marketing Management
  • Master in corporate communication and PhDc in marketing management
  • Entrepreneur (Founder of EBBE COMMS), Marketing Consultant
  • Part time University professor in Marketing Management

I help companies build their marketing strategies and plans that will actually provide them with an effective roadmap and deliver results. 

With the education background and experience in marketing, I have designed an advanced corporate trainings on communication skills in sales and train teams how to sell more effectively. My training is customizable according to the company and it is part of a three week sales improvement program.

With seventeen years of experience in marketing and business where I worked for dozens of international companies, and PhD studies ongoing, I  pass my experience and knowledge in forms of lectures and strategic consulting. I am also a part time University professor of Marketing Management. 

As a founder and CEO of a full service marketing agency EBBE COMMS, together with my team for seven years I helped many companies globally and individuals grow their business through different marketing strategies and educational programs.”

What about the team building trainings?

“As communication is the backbone of every relationship, companies who invest in their teams also invest on team building where they need a fun yet educational day. For that purpose, together with Josipa Anđelić, master of sports, I have designed an interactive team building training based on a sinergy of communication skills training and fitness where participants overcome obstacles in physical activities together with obstacles in communication. Invest on your team. “